Handed Down

How Irish music gets passed on from one (biker) to another
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How does Irish music get handed down? Host Shannon Heaton travels to New York, County Galway, and Boston to talk with musicians about how they learned their music, and how this has led them to pass it on. Hear stories about from Rose Flanagan, Margie Mulvahill, Patty Furlong, Séan Clohessy, Seamus Connolly, and Josie and her dad John Coyne.


Special thanks to the Massachusetts Cultural Council for supporting this episode. And thank you to Matt Heaton for script editing and production music.

Episode 05-Handed Down
How Irish music gets passed on from one (biker) to another
This Irish Music Stories episode aired June 13, 2017


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Cast of Characters

Episode guests in order of appearance

Limerick-born fiddle player and teacher, who spent time learning music in London before relocating to New York and Boston

John Coyne


Limerick-born singer and bouzouki player, now making his home in Melrose, Massachusetts

Patty Furlong


Bronx-born button accordion player and teacher

San Francisco-born mandolin player and teacher who performs with husband guitarist as the duo Noctambule 

Margie Mulvahill


Bronx-born flute and whistle player and teacher who performed with the band Morning Star

Josie Coyne


Melrose-born fiddle player who has spent ample time playing music in Clare, and in her father’s native Limerick 

Louis dePaor


Cork-born Irish language poet and Director of the Centre for Irish Studies at NUI Galway

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