Return to Sligo

Reflections on Season One and partial Episode 1 rebroadcast
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Why listen to Irish Music Stories?  The common thread of this month’s stories is, of course, Irish music. But it’s not the only thread. 

Digging into stories—whether they center around Irish music, chess, or ballet—uncovers real struggle and triumph. And it gives us all something to cheer about, something to remember.

Here are memorable stories from Season One and a gentle remix of “Trip to Sligo,” the story of Cormac Gaj and his Irish music journey.


Thank you to everybody for listening. And a special thank you to this month’s underwriters: Brian Benscoter, Isobel McMahon, Peter Bartman, and Brandon Kennedy.

Episode 11-Return to Sligo
Reflections on Season One and partial Episode 1 rebroadcast
This Irish Music Stories episode aired Dec 9, 2017


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Cast of Characters

Episode guests in order of appearance

John Doyle


Irish guitar player and songwriter who has collaborated with and produced numerous Celtic and American folk projects

Bronx-born fiddle player and teacher and exponent of the Sligo style, who has taught many fine fiddle players

Cormac Gaj


When this podcast aired, Cormac was a young flute & uilleann piper at Boston’s Comhaltas music school.

Mairin Ui Chiede


Conamara-born, Boston-based sean nos singer from a long line of poets and singers

Master fiddle player, educator, and festival organizer with ten All-Ireland solo fiddle championships, National Heritage Fellowship, and Boston College Faculty Award

Siobhán Ní Chonaráin


Flute player, tutor, and Comhaltas administrator

Mary MacNamara


East Clare concertina player and educator who facilitated the Trad Youth Exchange with Lisa Coyne in Boston

Lisa Coyne


Melrose, Massachusetts-based flute player and clinical psychologist who helped facilitate the Trad Youth Exchange with Mary MacNamara in Clare

Rosa Carroll


County Clare-born fiddle player (no relation to Liz Carroll) who formed a duo with concertina player Lily Connor

Chicago-based fiddle player and composer who has been named All-Ireland champ, Grammy nominee, National Heritage Fellow, and TG4 Cumadóir

Waterford-born folk singer and songwriter who has appeared on stages and recordings with numerous projects

Galway based writer, journalist, and playwright who has presented numerous Irish music events

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