Gigs | Workshops

  • Shannon with TRICOLOR: Matinee @ Matka

    Friday, 3:30 pm Address: Gunma, Japan, Takasaki

  • Shannon with TRICOLOR: Evening Show @ Matka

    Friday, 7:30 pm Address: Gunma, Japan, Takasaki

  • Shannon with TRICOLOR: Matinee @ Senkiya

    Saturday, 2:30 pm Address: Japan, Kawagush, Saitama

  • Shannon with TRICOLOR: Matinee @ R/SHOEI 1F

    Sunday, 4:00 pm Address: Japan, Kofu, Yamanashi

  • Shannon with TRICOLOR: Evening show @ Nagonoya

    Monday, 7:30 pm Address: Aichi, Japan, Nagoya

  • Shannon with TRICOLOR: Evening show @ Miyako-Tenshindo

    Tuesday, 7:30 pm Address: Japan, Mie Ise

  • Shannon with TRICOLOR: Evening show @ Bonjour! Gendaibunmei

    Wednesday, 7:30 pm Address: Japan, Kyoto

  • Acadia Trad School (flute/song instruction)

    Saturday, 9:00 am Address: Bar Harbor, ME

  • Swannanoa Gathering (whistle instruction)

    Thursday, 9:00 am Address: Asheville, NC, Warren Wilson College

  • Celtic College (flute instruction)

    Monday, 9:00 am Address: Goderich, ONTARIO

  • Heaton Duo @ Celtic Roots Festival

    Friday, 3:00 pm Address: Goderich, ONT

  • Falquet Heaton Keith play BLUE

    Wednesday, 7:30 pm Address: 650A Congress Street, Maine, Portland

  • Falquet Heaton Keith play CT

    Thursday, 7:30 pm Address: CT, Middletown

  • Falquet Heaton Keith play NYU

    Friday, 8:00 pm Address: 1 Washington Mews, NYC

For Matt and Shannon Heaton shows please visit our DUO PAGE

Her playing is tight, sweet, and tasteful, lacking nothing on either technical expertise or instrumental virtuosity

John O'Regan

Irish Music Magazine

A confident and accomplished player with beautiful tone… one of North America’s finest traditional musicians, able to hold her head up with flute players worldwide

Folk World