Lovers Well CD (download)


Shannon’s acclaimed flute, harp, percussion and bouzouki album is an inspired collection of traditional and original gems. Includes 12 MP3s and a PDF one-sheet with information about each tune.

“Flows like a stream on an autumn day: cool to warm, warm to cool, lively and dancing one moment, quiet and reflective at another.” –Driftwood Magazine, September 2011

“12 tracks of beautifully played tunes that all blend together like the threads of some silvery, fairy-spun fabric.” –Irish Philadelphia


Lovers Well CD (download)

Produced by Eric Merrill, Matt & Shannon Heaton’s collection of love songs features guests Keith Murphy (piano, vocals, mandolin), Kieran Jordan and Nic Gareiss (feet), Dan Gurney (accordion), and Eric Merrill (viola).
EatsRecords CD008, c. 2009

“These two are magic. Who else could give you a beautiful rendition of a traditional Thai song, sung by Shannon in fluent Thai, with it sounding like an Irish trad masterpiece! Brilliant.” –Live Ireland

“an excellent collection… they have a great feel for the subtle quiet aspects of Irish music and a total command of the lilt and swing involved in phrasing it properly. Their version of the oft murdered classic Botany Bay is beautiful. The rest ain’t bad either! Highly recommended.” -Penguin Eggs

“In this world that can be so harsh and sharp around the edges some days, a CD like ‘Lovers’ Well’ is like a balm for the spirit.” –Acoustic Junction

 “Musicians and songs ought to be like signatures – not comparable and representative of only one. Make that “two” in the case of Matt & Shannon Heaton. Their latest project is original and full of energy, but mostly their musical offerings have grown to where hearing the pieces makes you think of them – not others like them, but Matt & Shannon only. They have developed an engaging style and it’s been a thrill watching it unfold.” -Folk Alley

Matt & Shannon’s collection of traditional and updated Irish songs and tunes about Love and Loss. The album’s playlist:

1) Golden Glove (Traditional Song c/o Nic Jones, with new chorus by Shannon)
2) Lovers Lament (Traditional Song)
3) First Date (slip jig by Shannon with ‘Pick the Lock’ by Anthony Davis)
4) Botany Bay (Traditional Song c/o Danny Doyle with Newly Composed Waltz: “Waltz for Jerry” by Shannon)
5) Lady Fair (Traditional Song c/o Colm O’Loughlainn’s Irish Street Ballads
6) Lily of the West (Traditional Song c/o Colm O’Loughlainn’s Irish Street Ballads with new Chorus by Shannon)
7) Newmarried Couple (Traditional Jigs: “Legacy Jig”; “Up Sligo,” “Newmarried Couple”)
8) Bay of Biscay (Traditional song with new bridge by Shannon)
9) Where the Moorcocks Crow (Traditional Song c/o Paddy Tunney
10) Brad’s Honeybees (Traditional “Hare’s Paw”; “Brad’s Honeybees” by Shannon)
11) Lao Dueng Duen (Thai traditional song)
12) Poll Ha’penny (Traditional Hornpipes: The Blackbird; Poll Ha’penny
13) Midnight Sojourn (Newly Composed Waltz by Shannon)
14) Mountain Rambler (Traditional Reels: “The Mountain Road”; “The Galway Rambler” )