Tell You in Earnest – MAIL ORDER


Dialog ballads from Matt & Shannon Heaton.

“Tell You in Earnest delivers on all levels.” -Irish Music Magazine


Matt & Shannon Heaton's fifth duo album features well-traveled 'dialog ballads' (each song is a conversation between two people). Unexpected additions include mild Thai spices (from the Thai music Shannon learned in school in Suphanburi), a whisper of reverb-drenched electric guitar (from Matt's work with The Electric Heaters) and harmony singing and rootsy Americana rhythms (from their three years in bluegrass-haven Boulder, Colorado).
Eats Records CD 011, February 2014

"The Heatons have created a fusion of the various emotions that emanate from the spoken word… Executed with an ease of familiarity both in vocal and melody; Tell You in Earnest delivers on all levels." -Irish Music Magazine

“Wonderful flute and vocal work from Shannon, deft guitar from husband Matt, and a thoughtful selection of songs. This is a gentle, easygoing album that highlights the many musical talents possessed by the Heatons. Conversation is an art that is fading in our digital world, and whether you are begging for your life, or taking someone else’s, it points up the power of words between two people.” -Celtic Connections

Matt & Shannon Heaton’s collection of dialog ballads. The album’s playlist:

1) Cruel Salt Sea (Maiden & Knight ): (5:33)
2) Gallant Hussar (Jane & Edward): (3:46)
3) Mon Rak Dawk Kam Tai (Ying & Chai): (3:56)
4) Easy Come, Easy Go (Helen & Jack): (4:41)
 5) Demon Lover (Lady & Demon): (3:57)
6) Mantle of Green (Nancy & William): (4:05)
 7) 1952 Vincent Black Lightning  (Molly & James): (4:31)
8) Edwin of the Lowlands Low (Emma & Edwin): (4:09)
9) Mrs McGrath (Mrs McGrath & Ted): (5:42
10) Lovely Annie (Annie & Johnny): (5:24)