Grenadilla Seas

Jig, D Modal

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I am grateful to live in Massachusetts—I love the ocean, the woods, the quick wit, all the great Irish music/ians, and the fine early music workshop that Patrick Von Heune maintains in Brookline. At his workshop, Patrick and company make and repair Baroque recorders and flutes. Irish flutes are usually 19th century style models. Although I may be a century or more off with my instrument of choice; the VH gang and I speak the same love language of simple system woodwinds. 

I wrote this tune after spending a morning at their workshop, during which time we considered C#’s and C naturals–and appreciated the old jig The Rolling Waves (which Francis O’Neill called “Humours of Trim”  as tune  #949 in his 1903 collection of dance tunes).

Click image for full tune)

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