In Tune with Reality

Reel, D Modal

(Click image for full tune)

Starting in March 2020, Matt and I started our Virtual Guided Session on YouTube. During the course of livestreams, I would frequently ask Matt on guitar, “Are we in tune with reality?”

I mean it like “Are we sitting at the standard tuning frequency of A440?” The VGS is intended as a play-along event, so I want to make sure that the fixed pitch instruments like accordions and pianos can play along easily. But also, honestly, do we have a grip on reality? Sometimes we think stuff is funny that other people don’t find amusing. We worry about things that don’t seem to trouble many other folks. Are we missing something? Sometimes I’m not so sure.

Thankfully, there are lots of hilarious and offbeat people who weigh in during our Saturday sessions. So we might have our own center of reality after all….

The tune starts with my ‘tuning riff,’ the notes I tend to play when I’m checking my relative intonation.

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