I love composing tunes in the traditional style. I often write music to commemorate poignant, or funny, or important events or people–it’s one of my responses to stuff the moves me.

I’ve included original tunes in my Irish music method books, my albums with Matt Heaton, and in a few published tune collections. And now in the year of the rabbit, I plan to compile all of my tunes in one place. By revisiting a handful every month, I’m aiming for a complete collection by December 2023!

My friend Clayton Cook helped put together this table for presenting (and searching for) all the tunes–each links to videos, mp3s, sheet music, and notes. Many thanks to Clayton for his support and creativity of this project, and of the Virtual Guided Session (for which he built and maintains the VGSDB )

Tune TitleTune TypeKey Signature
Mind the Door AKA Mind the WrenSlip JigG Major
Two CardinalsMarchE Major
Brown WeaselReelD Major
Frame the CatJigG Major
Astor’s BoxJigA Mixolydian
Sailing Down Fulton StreetJigD Major
Phoebe Liam and RickySlideD Major
Big-Eared BradReelE Minor
Three Petes in a PodReelD Major
The OthspreyStrathspeyG Major
Bird TreeSlip JigB Minor
Cher AmiMarchD Major
Against the GrainJigG Major
Knit the CollarJigD Modal
In Tune With RealityReelD Modal
Leather ApronReelG Major
Blue Dress WaltzWaltzA Major
The Anniversary ReelSlow ReelD Modal
Zoom TwinsMarchE Major
Misty Moors of MedfordSlip JigE Minor
Green Velvet ChairHornpipeA Major
Little Wooden SpoonJigA Minor
The Luthier’s BenchHornpipeD Major
F-StopReelE Minor
The Kink in the StreamSlideA Major
The Laggy ChatSlideE Minor
The Rambunctious WindowSlideA Minor
Frog in a BottleJigC Major
Grenadilla SeasJigD Modal
Foot of the HillJigC Major
Last Days of Fourth GradeWaltzG Major
Chicken DinnerReelD Major
Saturdays SoupHornpipeG Major
Bag of RollsJigD Major
40 Watt WaltzWaltzB Minor
Bunch of BasilJigB Minor
Where is my TukataJigD Modal
Carriage ReturnReelG Major
Fetch the ChargerPolkaE Minor
Waltzing on Wash DayWaltzE Minor

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