Blue Skies Above


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Matt and Shannon Heaton’s lucky dozen of songs about bicycles, birds, and gardening incidents is a sunny mix of Irish traditional and original songs and tunes.
With special guests Sam Amidon, Laura Cortese, Paddy League , Jamie McClennan and Emily Smith.
Eats Records CD 006, March 2006
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A Heaton lucky dozen of songs about bicycles, birds, and gardening incidents.
“A remarkable level of trad Irish artistry and majestic excellence.” -Boston Herald

1) Thady Casey’s Reel & The Reel of Rio (traditional reels with Paddy League, drums)
2) The Blackbird (traditional song)
3) Giant of the Road (song by Matt)
4) Shady Spot (waltz by Shannon with Jamie McClennan, fiddle; Emily Smith, accordion)
5) Harvest Time (song by Shannon)
6) Belle of the South Shore (slow reel by Shannon with Sam Amidon, banjo)
7) Redwoods in Winter & The Small Girl (jig by Shannon, jig by Matt)
8) Death and the Lady (traditional song adapted by Shannon with Laura Cortese)
9) O’Connor Donn’s & Morning Thrush (traditional reels)
10) The Monument (song by Andy Irvine)
11) Pauline O’Neill’s (trad) & Sailing Down Fulton Street (jig by Shannon)
12) Lucky Dozen & The Skylark (mazurka by Matt, traditional reel with Paddy League, drums)

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