Matt & Shannon Heaton’s debut duo album is a mix of moody instrumentals, with a few vocal numbers and guests George Keith, Eric Merrill, Aoife Clancy and Hanneke Cassel.
Eats Records CD 004, October 2003

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Matt & Shannon’s still moody, still stellar debut duo album.
“Spacious and elegant, with a sweet understanding of the old music’s parochial charms.” -Boston Globe
“A fine mix of reels and jigs with a dynamic rhythmic tension, and an infectious spirit and vitality that translates into bright, uplifting music that will make you smile.” –Dirty Linen
“Their duet playing is tight, sweet, and tasteful, lacking nothing on either technical expertise or instrumental virtuosity.” -Irish Music Magazine

1) My Love is in America, Alternate Routes, Under the Festival Tent (reels, last two by Shannon)
2) Mist Covered Mountain, Tell Her I Am (jigs)
3) Heartland (song by Shannon)
4) F-Stop, Noisy Curley (reels, first one by Shannon)
5) Lemony Lullaby (by Matt)
6) Three Days to Go, Girl that Broke my Heart (reels, first one by Shannon)
7) Oil for the Chain, Ship in Full Sail, Micho Russell’s (jigs, first one by Matt plus a reel)
8) Keeper of the Game (song)
9) Nor’easter, Saturday’s Soup (hornpipes by Shannon)
10) Road to Garrison (M. Lennon), Maids of Mitchellstown, McFadden’s 11) Handsome Daughter (trad reels with George Keith, fiddle)
12) The Small Girl (jig by Matt) & Only for Barney
13) Marching to Crystal Lake (by Shannon with Hanneke Cassel)

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