Rollin in the Ryegrass practice track


Mid-tempo mp3 and sheet music for the reel “Rollin’ in the Ryegrass” on flute and guitar, played once as a duo, and twice with accompaniment and minimal flute cues.


A mid-tempo recording and accompanying sheet music page of the standard reel “Rollin’ in the Ryegrass.” Matt & Shannon Heaton play the tune once with flute and guitar; and two more times with accompaniment and minimal flute cues.

This is an opportunity for melody players to work with accompaniment–first playing along with Shannon, and then holding down the melody with just a guide flute outlining key phrases. And it’s a great study for guitar/bouzouki players who are honing a rhythmic and chordal approach. Matt offers a few simple, effective chord voicings for D Major here.

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