Karan Casey. From Irish Music Stories PodcastIt’s nearly St. Patrick’s Day. And blankets of big, fat snowflakes are washing the backyard in an unseasonable hue and covering up four leaf clovers! A small antidote: this one-on-one chat with Waterford singer Karan Casey, to accompany snuggly cups of tea for anybody who’s trapped inside this week:

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I hope you’ll join me as I chat with Karan Casey about where Irish songs have been, and where they’re going. Karan talks about how learning a song from someone is really about making connections. There’s also a poem from Louis De Paor, reminding me to step back and allow the Irish tradition to be its own book, with some secrets I may never fully understand.

Whether you already sing Irish songs or you don’t know anything about trad music or dance, this conversation speaks to anybody who’s ever made a deep connection with a mentor or student, or has been challenged to listen more.

Karan Casey and Keith Murphy. From Irish Music Stories Podcast

There’s plenty of music here, too, from Karan with John Doyle; Frank Harte; and the Ceili Bandits. Music and poetry credits below.

Here’s Karan singing the King’s Shilling with James Taylor:

And here you can see Karan singing her own song “Home” at the 2016 Ennis Fleadh.

Next month’s episode will feature four very distinct Irish music sessions, weekly music gatherings that people build their lives around. “Every Tuesday at Nine” will air Tuesday, April 11th.

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Music and Poetry Heard on IMS Episode 02
all music traditional, unless otherwise indicated

Song: “Sailing Off to the Yankee Land,” from Exiles Return
Artist: Karan Casey (voice), John Doyle (guitar)

Song: guitar interlude to “The Nightingale”
Artist: John Doyle (guitar)

Song: “The Wounded Hussar,” from My Name is Napoleon Bonaparte
Artist: Frank Harte

Song: “How High the Moon,” from The Legendary Decca Recordings
Artist: Ella Fitzgerald
Composer: Nancy Hamilton & Morgan Lewis

Song: “Peigin Lettermore,” from Celtic Roots
Artist: Kids arranged by Donal Lunny & Mike McGoldrick

Song: singing classical excerpt
Artist: Karan Casey’s students

Song: “Song of the Seal,” from Seal Maiden-Celtic Musical
Artist: Karan Casey

Song: “King’s Shilling,” live in our interview room
Artist: Karan Casey
Composer: Ian Sinclair

Song: “A Stor Mo Chroi,” live in our interview room
Artist: Karan Casey

Poem: “Didjeridu,” live in our interview room
Collection: Leabhar na hAthghabhála – Poems of Repossession
Performer & Poet: Louis de Paor

Tunes: “First House in Connaught Reel Set”, from Hangin’ at the Crossroads
Artist: Ceili Bandits (Yvonne Casey, fiddle; Eoin O’Neill, bouzouki; Quentin Cooper, dijeridoo)

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Thank you for listening. Also, thanks Karan, for taking the time to chat and for sharing her generous and thoughtful notions of the power of traditional songs. Thank you to John Doyle for the lovely guitar interludes throughout this episode. And thanks again to Matt Heaton for all the input and support. I couldn’t do this project without you. Thank you!

And thank you to these kids who made our hearts soar
when they came in to our rehearsal. Hilarious:
Guest dancers having fun! From Irish Music Stories Podcast

Have a good St. Pat’s week! [Pro tip: it’s Paddy’s Day, not Patty’s Day…]