Shannon Heaton’s show about trad music and dance, and the bigger stories behind Irish, Scottish, and other Celtic traditions.

W elcome to Irish Music Stories, I’m your host, Shannon Heaton. I have travelled around the globe, performing and teaching Irish flute. And I LOVE Irish music and dance, and related Celtic traditions. This LISTENER SUPPORTED PODCAST is my way of sharing the rich inspiration that the global trad community has given me.
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The latest IMS episode explores the musical languages of Irish and Scottish GaelicMairéad Ní Mhaonaigh, Séamus Ó Flatharta, Ciarán Bolger, Michael Coult, Julie Fowlis, Mary Jane Lamond, and Brian Ó hAirt shine light on how these ancient tongues resonate today.  

Listen to Episode 46-Ancient Tongues Modern Times… and read show and music notes HERE.  
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“Irish musician Shannon Heaton knows that a good story told well can entertain, illuminate, even educate.”  (Boston Irish Reporter)

“Heaton does an excellent job of keeping the subject interesting to aficionados while at the same time engaging and accessible to non-initiates.” (Irish Echo)

One of the single best repositories of insight into Irish music, the scene surrounding it, and the people who populate it.” -Tim Britton

“Shannon’s podcast will help you understand the life behind Irish music… your heart is drawn in, your thoughts and imagination are captivated.” -Brian Benscoter

A lovely, accessible window into the richness of the tradition.” – Steve Marantz

“Shannon’s podcast makes me crave family reunions (with real open fires) where we’d all find something really appealing in these stories of music, stories that carry us across emigration paths and emotional landscapes.” -Deirdre Cronin