Bird Tree

Slip Jig, B Minor

(Click image for full tune)

In early December, Matt found a foot-high artificial Christmas tree in our neighbor’s trash. He dusted it off, and we decorated it with some little bird ornaments in our Virtual Guided Session studio. It felt like a metaphor for Covid days — use what you have, hold fast to any beauty you can find, and share some cheer.

The second year we trimmed the tree during the VGS. And our friend Jeannette in Milan wrote a poem based on Chinese jueju, which I learned is a form of classical poetry older than Japanese haiku. She wrote this while her husband Marco was playing tunes:

Flit flute, tune stroll, lilt
Bird tree, light larks, wing
Celt coal, chords hearth, spark
Jig loops, pipe’s joy, sing! 
– Jeannette Law

Click image for full tune)

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