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Sharing knowledge is how trad music works.
Video and podcast links,
tune books, and tips below!

We Irish musicians learn from other players and share what we know. Free offerings below (Tune of the Month Videos, Irish Music Stories Podcast, links to articles)…. as well as resources for purchase (First 50 Tune Book, Oil for the Chain Irish music primer, Practice tracks).

Tune of the Month

Shannon’s free Video Series

Guided Session at the Armory (Somerville, MA)

On the second Saturday of each month (2-4pm), seasoned musicians lead players in a welcoming, moderately paced afternoon of tunes. All are welcome to the family friendly Arts at the Armory cafe (with beer!).

Online Lessons

“Distance lessons can be helpful for folks in areas without easy access to teachers. In video chats I can help students tune up skills, learn tunes efficiently, and check in on practice habits. For online learners, I keep lessons to 40-minutes. Following our session, I send mp3s of tunes we discussed.”

Irish Music Stories Podcast

The Irish Music Stories Podcast explores traditional music, and the bigger stories behind it, giving all ITM fans a bigger sense of Irish culture. (Free)

Heaton Practice Tracks

Practice tunes with accompaniment. Matt and Shannon Heaton play once with flute & guitar, and twice with just chords.

Tips for Trad Players

Blog Posts for Irish musicians:

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READ the Inner Game of Irish Music (written for Whistle & Drum)
READ Inhabiting Your Irish Music Repertoire (written for Celtic MKE)