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We learn from one another.

It’s great to sit together in sessions, in lessons, in summer group classes. But we don’t all live in the same neighborhood. Here are books and resources I created to help empower players.

Heaton Practice Tracks

Practice tunes with accompaniment. Matt and Shannon Heaton play once with flute & guitar, and twice with just chords.


Shannon joins the 2020 staff for:

Panoramic Flutist; Boulder, CO – June 1-4

Acadia Trad Fest; Bar Harbor, ME  – June 28-July 3

Portal Irish Music Week; Portal, AZ  – Oct 8-12

Online Lessons

“Distance lessons can be helpful for folks in areas without easy access to teachers. In video chats I can help students tune up skills, learn tunes efficiently, and check in on practice habits. For online learners, I keep lessons to 40-minutes. Following our session, I send mp3s of tunes we discussed.”


Hope my free video series, podcast, and articles can offer insights! 


Shannon’s monthly newsletter featuring tips and links for players and teachers


Tune of the Month

Shannon’s free Video Series, featuring session tunes like “Joe Cooley’s Reel”


Irish Music Stories Podcast

The Irish Music Stories Podcast explores traditional music, and the bigger stories behind it, giving all ITM fans a bigger sense of Irish culture. (Free)

Guided Session in Somerville, MA

On the second Saturday of each month, Shannon joins Ellery Klein, Dan Accardi, and other Boston-area teachers to lead a mid-tempo, all-level session.