Whirring Wings (Companion Book Download)


Whirring Wings – Companion Tune Book DOWNLOAD
Matt & Shannon Heaton’s sixth duo album features traditional and modern tunes (and one song), played on Irish flute, guitar and bouzouki.
Eats Records CD 015, January 2024

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* Whirring Wings Companion Book – Download *
The Whirring Wings companion tune book offers notes about the music–and also sheet music with chordal suggestions–from Matt & Shannon Heaton’s sixth duo album. Play/read along this collection of traditional and modern tunes (and one song).

1) Maid of Selma/Rose in the Heather/DGaF (jigs)
2) In Tune with Reality/Aileen Dillane/Brown Weasel (reels)
3) Limerick Liftoff/Little-Leaf Linden (slip jigs)
4) Two Cardinals (march)
5) Golden Castle/Good of the Flock/Milliner’s Daughter (hornpipe and reels)
6) Buried My Wife and Danced on Her Grave/Paddy Fahey’s/Aherne’s Egg (jigs)
7) P Joe Hayes #2/Cottage in the Grove/Mother and Child (reels)
8) Last Days of Fourth Grade/Against the Grain/Jig for Tim (waltz and jigs)
9) Big-Eared Brad/Mouse in the Toaster (reels)
10) Westlin Winds (song)
11) Cher Ami/Chicken Dinner (march and reel)

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