Heartbeat of Irish Music

Tapping in to forces that shape our rhythm
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What’s at the core of Irish dance music? Host Shannon Heaton talks to Eileen Ivers, Nic Gareiss, Marla Fibish, and Jimmy Keane about trad ‘feel’ and how our instruments, our bodies, our intentions, our culture, and even magical forces shape our rhythmic sense.


Thank you to everybody for listening. And a special thank you to this month’s underwriters: Art Costa, Eoin Stan O’Sullivan, Holly Foy and John Hruschka, Peter Bartman, and Brian Benscoter

Episode 15-Heartbeat of Irish Music
Tapping in to forces that shape our rhythm
This Irish Music Stories episode aired April 10, 2018


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Cast of Characters

Episode guests in order of appearance

New York-based Grammy-winning fiddle player, composer, and bandleader who has performed around the globe

Nic Gareiss


Michigan-born acclaimed dancer, musician, and dance researcher 

Marla Fibish


San Francisco-born mandolin player and teacher who performs with husband guitarist as the duo Noctambule 

Limerick-born fiddle player and teacher, who spent time learning music in London before relocating to New York and Boston

Jimmy Keane


Chicago-based accordion player born in London of Irish-speaking parents from Connemara and Kerry

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