In Harmony (E-Book+mp3s)


Matt & Shannon Heaton’s Tune Cookbook contains 64 Audio tracks and 88 pages of sheet music/chords/music tips:
a delectable downloadable collection of popular reels, jigs, slip jigs, and hornpipes for melody players & backers

MP3/PDF bundle features:
– Recordings for learning—flute and guitar are panned hard left and right, so you can play with only melody or only harmony!
– Each tune played slowly 3x around (variations third time only)
– Sheet music with thoughtful and clear layout
– Chord suggestions
– Encouragement and music tips


Flute player Shannon Heaton and guitar player Matt Heaton created IN HARMONY to help newer players learn tunes; to help more experienced players (re)consider settings and rhythmic approaches; and to advance the conversation between melody, rhythm, and harmony for everybody.

This is not a complete collection of Irish tunes: it’s a quality selection of standard jigs, reels, hornpipes, and slip jigs, presented with care and consistency, from our kitchen to yours. 

Each tune is played slowly and consistently (no variations til the third time through each tune). And we panned the flute hard left and guitar hard right, so you can play with ONLY melody or ONLY harmony for learning. We recommend listening on speakers and *not* headphones, if you choose to hear both instruments at the same time. All the sheet music includes chords, and we took care to notate the music just the way we played it.

Regardless of your level, we hope you will find it pleasing to join our relaxed tempo session. Wherever you are in your Irish music journey, there’s ample room at the table for you!

This download package comes with a PDF of the entire book and mp3s. Full track list below:

1. A message from Matt & Shannon
(in which we strongly recommend you use headphones to play with ONLY flute or ONLY guitar… but if you choose to hear both together, you use speakers and not headphones!)

2. Cooley’s Reel (E min)
3. Devanney’s Goat (D)
4. Drowsy Maggie (E min)
5. Duke of Leinster (G)
6. Earl’s Chair (D)
7. Father Kelly’s (G)
8. Hunter’s Purse (A Min)
9. Jackie Coleman’s (D)
10. Man of the House (E Min)
11. Pigeon on the Gate (E Min)
12. Rainy Day (A min)
13. Sally Gardens (G)
14. Shaskeen (G)
15. Ships are Sailing (E min)
16. Silver Spear (D)
17. Skylark (D)
18. Sligo Maid (A min)
19. Swinging on a Gate (G)
20. Torn Jacket (D)
21. Wise Maid (D)
22. Woman of the House (G)

23. Apples in Winter (E Min)
24. Banish Misfortune (D)
25. Buried My Wife & Danced on Her Grave (D)
26. Cliffs of Moher (A min)
27. Connaughtman’s Rambles (D)
28. Fair-haired Boy (A Min)
29. Gallagher’s Frolics (E Min)
30. Geese in the Bog (C)
31. Haste to the Wedding (D)
32. Humours of Glendart (D)
33. Kesh Jig (G)
34. Lark in the Morning (D)
35. Leitrim Fancy (E Min)
36. Maid on the Green (G)
37. Morrison’s Jig (E Min)
38. Munster Jig (G)
39. Old Favorite (G)
40. Out on the Ocean (G)
41. Rollicking Boys of Tandragee (E Min)
42. Rolling Waves (D)
43. Rose in the Heather (D)
44. Southwest Wind (D)
45. Swallowtail (E min)
46. Tobin’s Favorite (D)
47. Willie Coleman’s (G)

48. Butterfly (E min)
49. Elizabeth Kelly’s Delight (A Min)
50. Give Us A Drink of Water (G)
51. Hardiman the Fiddler (D)
52. Humours of Derrycrossane (G)
53. Humours of Whiskey (B Min)
54. My Mind Will Never Be Easy (E Min)
55. Redican’s Mother (Ryan’s Slip Jig) (D)

56. Boys of Bluehill (D)
57. Few Bob (G)
58. Golden Castle (A Min)
59. Harvest Home (D)
60. Little Stack of Wheat (G)
61. Off to California (G)
62. Rights of Man (E min)
63. Stack of Barley (G)
64. Wicklow Hornpipe (D)

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