Whirring Wings (CD Download)


Whirring Wings – CD DOWNLOAD
Matt & Shannon Heaton’s sixth duo album features traditional and modern tunes (and one song), played on Irish flute, guitar and bouzouki.
Eats Records CD 015, January 2024

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Matt & Shannon Heaton’s sixth duo album is a collection of traditional and modern tunes (and one song), played on Irish flute, guitar and bouzouki. 

With this album the Heatons hope to find current resonance in old tunes and classic lines in modern compositions; to play real and unadorned (all performances were live) and be open to just a few snazzy production elements; to mourn for people and biospheres that are gone and savor treasures that remain; to relish playing as a duo even though it’s fun and special to play music with other people.

1) Maid of Selma/Rose in the Heather/DGaF (jigs) – 4:28
2) In Tune with Reality/Aileen Dillane/Brown Weasel (reels) – 4:41
3) Limerick Liftoff/Little-Leaf Linden (slip jigs) – 2:56
4) Two Cardinals (march) – 2:53
5) Golden Castle/Good of the Flock/Milliner’s Daughter (hornpipe and reels) – 4:47
6) Buried My Wife and Danced on Her Grave/Paddy Fahey’s/Aherne’s Egg (jigs) – 4:18
7) P Joe Hayes #2/Cottage in the Grove/Mother and Child (reels) – 4:13
8) Last Days of Fourth Grade/Against the Grain/Jig for Tim (waltz and jigs) – 5:13
9) Big-Eared Brad/Mouse in the Toaster (reels) – 3:08
10) Westlin Winds (song) – 3:55
11) Cher Ami/Chicken Dinner (march and reel) – 3:29

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